« I dream of the realization of the unity of Africa, whereby its leaders combine in their efforts to solve the problems of this continent. I dream of our vast deserts, of our forests, of all our great wildernesses. »
Nelson Mandela


We specialize in providing international transportation and customised logistical solutions for the Food ingredients industry by shipping food ingredients in either less than container load (LCL) or full container load (FCL). Furthermore, through our network in Africa we are able to work with food producers in each of the main countries of the continent i.e. Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon…; thus ensuring that we provide our industrial partners with access to a large and economically significant market.

By taking care of our clients logistical function through delivering cargo under a variety of customer friendly international commercial trade principles such as cost and freight (CFR), delivery to the client’s factory i.e. DAP (delivered at place) and DDP (delivered duty paid), thereby minimising their logistic headaches. Also we are able to eliminate the risk of non payment and costs associated with obtaining insurance cover and bank guarantee against an export invoice by requesting payment upfront.

Through leveraging off of our already loyal client base we are able to ensure our merchants benefit from exploring new markets and thus eliminating the headache of managing risks of payment for our industrial partners as all the logistics involved in exportation of cargo to Africa is handled by us including (establishment of the BSC and physical inspection of the goods before departure)

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