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We offer a wide range of food based ingredients which are outlined below

Flavours and colours: We propose flavours that are tailored to the individual customer’s tastes & preferences and also comply with the local legislation in their country.

Caramels and sugar syrups: From colouring in soft drinks to toppings on dairy products, we do it all. We develop sugar syrups specific to your needs, be it European, American or Asian.

Starch: We offer starch that is extracted from corn and cassava.

Pre-mix compositions: We develop “dilute to taste” powder pre-mixes for both the beverage and snack industry.

Savoury: We offer spices and vegetables either in dehydrated form or as extracts depending on your industrial needs.

Food additives & preservatives: These include thickeners, acidulates, citric acids, gums, pectin and modified starches.

Lactic ferments for dairy industries: These are for use in the production of yoghurts as well as cheese.

Oenological yeasts: Our range meets all your needs with respect to the fermentation of fruits during the winemaking process.

Wine Based varieties: We respond to all your needs relating to the development of vermouth and other wine-based drinks.


Over the last five years, we have successfully diversified our services to include selling and the providing advice to our clients on various non food inputs as listed below:

Cold glues and hot melt glues for soft drinks bottlers, breweries, wineries and canners.

Filter plates and cartridges which are used in the food processing industry by both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage producers

Corks for the bottling companies

Bleaching earth for palm oil producers

All thanks to the technical support from our manufacturing partners which is beyond reproach.

Do not hesitate to contact us in this regard!